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Dodik: Migrants have nothing to look for in Srpska


The Serb member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik said that migrants have nothing to look for in the Republic of Srpska, no matter where they come from.

”We haven’t brought migrants here, not even there. They shall return there again and will not be in Srpska. We can play that game as much as they want”, said Dodik in Ugljevik.

Dodik mentioned that it was decided at the yesterday’s session of the BiH Presidency that important measures should be taken regarding migrants, returning them to the countries from which they came.

According to his words, the largest number of migrants is from Pakistan, and estimation is that there are officially 10,000 of them, of which 7,000 is in the area of ​​Una-Sana Canton in the Federation of BiH.

”We thought that the migrants were from Syria, from those areas of crisis, and the largest number is from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and even from Morocco”, stated Dodik.

Referring to the statement of the Minister of Security in the Council of Ministers, Selmo Cikotić, that migrants are welcome in BiH because they spend money, Dodik said that they are not welcome in the Republic of Srpska because they spend and therefore Srpska benevolently hands them over to FBiH.

Dodik reminded that six months ago, there was a serious problem when migrants attacked people in Srpska and robbed their houses.

”We have made a decision according to which every migrant on the territory of Srpska means the engagement of the police and his/her transfer to Sarajevo or Una-Sana Canton”, said Dodik.

He reiterated that there will be no migrant camps in the Republic of Srpska and that Srpska will continue with that policy.

”If they return five buses to us, they can reach the entity line of course. Let them walk, we will prevent their entrance and things say that they will turn back, so they only waste fuel for buses in vain”, Dodik noted.



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