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Dodik: Migrants – Occupation of the Christian World


Serb presidency member Milorad Dodik said that when it comes to migrants, it is a kind of civilizational occupation of the Christian world, not a humane story.

Dodik pointed out that the problem has now become visible in Germany, as well as in other Western European countries, which used to express labor shortages and are now closing the borders.

He said that European policy today is the same as that implemented by Viktor Orban earlier when he did not allow migrants to move to Hungary.

Dodik stressed that Serbs do not want to see a hard border on the Drina River, but that it should coordinate with Serbia to close the border to Northern Macedonia.

– I can express my pleasure that Vučić also says that Serbia’s border with Macedonia will also be treated differently – said Dodik.

He recalled that last year migrants attacked a house in a village in Bilogora, and stressed that fear was justified in people and that there was no excessive use of force when it came to the defense of security and property.

Europe has opened the story of migrants and is now changing its policies, closing its borders, Dodik said, and asked why Serbia would not do that.

He said that BiH was offered to provide parking for refugees and that Europe would finance it.

– We in BiH have a serious problem in BiH. In Sarajevo, they don’t see it, our people have a fear of migrants – Dodik said.

According to him, it is not only the money that the EU has promised to Turkey, which is why Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has opened borders, but it is a big strategic game.




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