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Dodik: Migrants should be sent back to their countries


The issue of illegal migrations is not humanitarian but a security issue, said Serb member of Bosnia’s tripartite President Milorad Dodik, adding that he fully supported the Security Minister’s idea of sending the migrants back from Bosnia to their countries of origin.

Dodik said he was glad that such an idea comes from a state-level official who is in charge of this issue.

“If anyone remembers, I was the one who said that long before,” he said, adding that the European Union should deal with migrants and the promises it gave them, not Bosnia.

“We cannot keep 6,000-7,000 migrants besides all the problems we already have,” he stressed.

Bosnia has been struggling with the issue of illegal migrants for years, who were passing by the country on the way to their planned destinations mostly in western Europe. But, after most of the EU countries locked their borders for illegal migrants they were stranded on Bosnian territory.

The issue was recently discussed in Sarajevo by Bosnian Security Minister Fahrudin Radoncic and Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Sszzijarto, who agreed this was a security issue, not humanitarian.

Szijjarto, whose country was among the first ones in Europe to close the borders for migrants coming from various Asian and African states, said Hungary would help Bosnia tackle this issue.

“Brussels chose a wrong policy towards illegal migrations and unfortunately brought many countries of the Western Balkans in a very difficult situation. We believe that illegal migrations have to be stopped and not managed,” said the Hungarian senior official, stressing that his country has not and will not accept a single illegal migrant.


Source: N1


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