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Dodik: New Ministry of Technology and Development to be formed next year


President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik stated on Monday in Banjaluka that Republika Srpska intends to form a special ministry of new technologies and development next year, which will definitely be supported by the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Republika Srpska /ANURS/.

Ahead of a meeting of the organisational committee in charge of marking the ANURS 25th anniversary, Dodik told the press that the ministry is supposed to engage in the application of technical achievements made in Srpska and around the world.

“The ministry is supposed to engage in the application and implementation of technical solutions that could raise our society to a higher level in terms of technology,” explained Dodik.

He believes that ANURS completed significant projects, including the first edition of the Encyclopaedia of Republika Srpska, many seminars and involvement in a broad structure of academic communities in Europe and beyond.

“We hope that in September, when ANURS will officially mark its 25th anniversary, a significant number of local and foreign academicians will visit Banjaluka. This explains how the Academy, which gives Srpska special character in organising a serious community, is perceived,” said Dodik.

Dodik recalled that the Academy had been successful all these years under the circumstances of social instability and everyday struggle for survival, adding that during the war-time 1993, when the Academy was established, the people were aware of the need to form it.

“The most important thing is that ANURS has kept working all this time. Its area of activity is defined by the law and needs of science professionals to explain important social and scientific topics, witness the time they live in and pave the way for many other things,” said the president.

Speaker of the National Assembly Nedeljko Cubrilovic believes that the fact the institution like ANURS was formed in the middle of a civil war indicates that people at the time thought of a future peace, living and working normally and taking part in building a modern world.

“The fact that ANURS has good relations with other academies, that it is recognised by many institutions in Europe and around the world means that it is a promoter of Republika Srpska and its pillars,” said Cubrilovic.

He said that Srpska citizens must be proud of the Academy’s work so far.

ANURS President Rajko Kuzmanovic said that the Academy has a lot to say and show for the anniversary as it is an institution engaged in a series of important social matters and as such a pillar of statehood.

“ANURS is an important pillar which shows that Republika Srpska’s citizens are aware they need a highest institution of science and art such as the Academy,” said Kuzmanovic.

According to him, the highest authorities, from the president, to the National Assembly to the Government, acknowledge the institution and that is why marking its 25th anniversary should show the strength and unity of science, politics and vision of the future of Republika Srpska and Serbs.

He added that the official event was planned for September and that the sponsor will be the president of Republika Srpska.




Source: srna


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