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Dodik: No comprehensive plan for migration issue


Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik stated Wednesday in Banjaluka that Bosnia and Herzegovina does not have a comprehensive plan for handling the migration issue and that things are very delayed as regards the matter, adding that the Council of Ministers in a caretaking capacity has not submitted a single proposal that could be sustainable.

“There was a proposal before to deploy Armed Forces to the BiH borders, after which I said that that couldn’t happen and it didn’t. Then they asked that the Federation police be deployed to the borders with Serbia, in Republika Srpska, which was rejected,” Dodik told the press.

He recalled that three or four proposals that the Council of Ministers had submitted to the Presidency were returned because it was not a comprehensive programme for resolving the problem with migrants.

“We have not received a single proposal from the Council of Ministers that could be sustainable. Now they /SDA/ cannot answer whether I make a decision about this issue or not. If I don’t, then let them take their army to the border and we’ll see how that goes,” said Dodik.


Source: srna


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