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Dodik: One of the Most Difficult Moments After Dayton, Srpska Will Not Allow the Breakdown


An extended session of the SNSD Executive Committee was held today in Banja Luka.

SNSD President Milorad Dodik said this was one of the most difficult moments after Dayton, adding that Srpska would not allow the decommissioning.

– The SNSD Executive Committee remains strong in its support of NSRS decisions. We believe that it is necessary to respect the Constitution of BiH and to hold meetings with all political parties. SNSD Vice President Željka Cvijanović is tasked with coordinating with political parties in Srpska over the weekend, and Nikola Špirić and Radmanović have the same task with parties in the Federation of BiH – he said at a press conference after the SNSD Executive Committee session.

He stressed that the SNSD would hold municipal and city committees over the next 10 days to keep up to date.

– We tasked Radovan Višković to finalize the agreements with Mićo Mićić – Dodik added.

He emphasized that unity should be preserved.

– The interpretation of the Constitutional Court is free without any legal basis. All had the clear intention of decomposing the Republic of Srpska. They are trying to market that the Republic of Srpska is doing something beyond the standard – he added.

Dodik stressed that Srpska had therefore proposed a law that would go into the procedure.

– We cannot guarantee that it will be adopted, but it will be the basis for political and public debate. We have suggested some solutions, but there are also some dilemmas. All entities can act with their amendments on this proposal – said Dodik.

Dodik points out that the BiH Constitutional Court has granted itself powers that no other constitutional court in the world has.




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