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Dodik: Only peace can live in these areas


The President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik has stated today in Banja Luka that only peace and complete understanding between people can live in these areas, and that he will going to advocate for preserving stability.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Arnaudija mosque, Dodik said that this building is something that belongs to Banja Luka and will remain for all time, and told the representatives of the Islamic community in Banja Luka that the institutions of Republika Srpska will be supportive in all other projects.

Dodik stressed that today he is witnessing an important thing – that what happened 30 years ago on this day was a mistake and an act of insanity.

“The existence of such places of worship cannot be called into question by any demolition or desecration, neither the people nor the time can be stopped,” Dodik said.

He stated that today, 30 years later, he is witnessing the construction of this beautiful building.

“On behalf of Republika Srpska, I am grateful to everyone who helped, first of all Turkiye which allocated the most significant part of the money, and to all other institutions that supported the construction of this mosque in any way,” Dodik accentuated.

The President of Republika Srpska congratulated Muslim believers on this day, the day of the mosque.

“I congratulate all the faithful and guests who will come here on the rebuilding of the Arnaudija mosque, which has lived here for centuries,” stated Dodik.

Dodik wished the faithful to use the mosque in the greatest prayer peace and silence, that no one touches them, and that this is what should be ensured in Republika Srpska, but also throughout the region.

“Politicians with slightly heated passions are sending various messages these days, and I will send only one – the only thing left for us is to live our lives peacefully, I will advocate for preserving peace and stability, for everyone to have equal rights wherever they live, guaranteed by law, and first of all, human relations,” said Dodik.

Dodik noted that he greatly appreciates today’s gathering, which is witness to success.

“Here, success is not only the construction, but also our gathering, which sends a message here in Republika Srpska, in BiH and throughout the region. May you have a happy mosque, may it serve for prayer activities, may it serve all good people, regardless of religion and nation,” Dodik said.


Source: srna.rs


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