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Dodik: Only way for Bosnia to survive is to go back to constitutional order


President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik says Bosnia and Herzegovina must go back to its constitutional structure and that that is the only way it can survive.

In an interview with Srna, Dodik pointed out that nothing the foreigners had imposed so far in the country could stand the test of time because any imposition was just power and that after the Dayton Peace Agreement was signed, Republika Srpska’s rights came under immediate attack in an attempt to minimise and destroy them, and attempts were made to turn Srpska into an empty shell at first, and a pointless community later on.

“One should not trust those who say they respect the Dayton Peace Agreement on the international stage, because if they did, they wouldn’t undermine it to such an extent that today we have a legal and political situation which is completely different from what stands in the Constitution, which will be a problem for BiH in the future,” said Dodik.

He vowed that once he took a position in the Presidency of BiH, he would immediately request a decision to be made for filing lawsuits with international and local courts against the BiH High Representatives who breached international law, recalling a statement by Paddy Ashdown that he and his friends, also British, Chris Patten and George Robertson “invested a lot of effort in disciplining the politicians in BiH, especially in Republika Srpska, and their actions were sometimes brutal.”

“That’s what Ashdown said in a meeting and that is absolutely enough to sue him and any, least objective court would convict him because he was obliged to protect the Dayton Peace Agreement as a high representative instead of dissolving it. When foreigners start telling us about crime and corruption, it’s very funny. I’ll only give you an example of Ashdown who bought a house for 100,000 convertible marks from a Muslim general at Lake Jablanica and later sold it for 1.5 million when he was leaving the mission. That is a pure case of corruption. But their belief is that everything they did will be easily forgotten and that’s why Milorad Dodik bothers them because he knows too much and remembers too much,” said Dodik.

According to him, BiH does not stand a chance as long as the majority of the government is created by foreigners and the country cannot succeed that way, just like any attempts at centralisation will fail and not bring anything good to the people.

“That’s why I think this is the moment when people have to realise what this is about, when they have to choose consistent authorities and not support those who want the centralisation of BiH and who are trying to portray their allegiance, like the Alliance for Change, as a virtue,” said Dodik.

He stated that a false statement by Serb member of the BiH Presidency Mladen Ivanic that Serbia was meddling in the election process in Republika Srpska was part of a special war against Republika Srpska and Serbs.

Dodik recalled that Ivanic accused Serbia of meddling in the elections without any proof, thus putting more political burden on Serbia, the country which will need to explain such a false claim of his on the international stage.

“The national and state betrayal of the Alliance for Change goes so far as to have Ivanic falsely accuse Serbia, which is politically and governmentally interested in the status of Serbs in BiH. That is simply not true and only proves the panic the opposition find themselves in so they are trying to find the culprits for their defeat in the upcoming elections even now, and they already find Vucic guilty.

“To claim that Serbia is involved or meddling in the elections in Republika Srpska only gives an alibi to the ones who have actually been doing something like that here for years, the British, the EU, the old US administration and many others. They have been doing it freely and Ivanic has failed to notice that, but he has noticed Serbia, perhaps because Serbia built schools, roads and hospital here,” emphasised the Srpska president.

He added: “All this is some kind of a special war in which one will always say we are not deserving of being decision makers and someone else from the outside should make decisions on our behalf.”




Source: srna


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