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Dodik: Preserve the same standards for identical solutions for Kosmet and Srpska 


The Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik has stressed the importance of maintaining the same standards for identical solutions for Kosovo and Metohija and Republika Srpska.

Dodik has said that the international representatives, when they come to the Republika Srpska to say something about preserving the identity and defense of rights, would be clearly announced that they had failed to respond in Kosovo and Metohija.

He has repeated that Kosovo and Metohija is an important issue not only because of the Kosovo myth, but also because of the culmination of injustice and the application of different standards, and recalled that an independent state was allowed there, while Serbs in Srpska were instructed to remain silent.

Dodik told “Politika” that Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has made a problem for himself, because he returned the issue, which is meant as a complete in a political and public opinion of Belgrade and Serbia, demanding that Serbia return as a factor of negotiation.

“We will monitor Serbia, and in Serbia should strengthen the position of negotiator, who will, I am fully convinced, protect Serbian’s state and national interests”, Dodik said.

Dodik has also said that the winner of the Kosovo elections, the leader of the Self-Determination Albin Kurti, who says that his goal is to unify with Albania, will not be an example for him, but he stressed that it should be noted the position of the world that is trying to “iron things”.

He has reminded that now voices are heard from Brussels that there is no recognition of Kosovo without Russia and China, and that he believes that the configuration of relations in the world has changed and that the power of America was not like it was 15 years ago, though no one is crazy to think that it is still not strong.

When it comes to the appointment of two American representatives /Matthew Palmer as US envoy to the Western Balkans and Richard Grenel for negotiations between Belgrade and Priština/ Dodik said that this caused him some kind of confusion.

“Sarajevo likes Palmer, they say he will deal now with the situation in BiH. He can do whatever he wants, but no one can change basic things. Palmer has already said that the Dayton Agreement is not Scripture, and our position is that the agreement should be respected while the two entities and three nations agree”, Dodik says.

On the constatation that it is possible that these views provoked anger in some Western circles, Dodik said he is not bothered by the fact that some are angry about that.

“We are angry, too, because they have been imposing solutions against our national interests for 20 years. We respect everyone who comes here, but they also need to respect our position”, Dodik said.

He has stressed that he did not clash with America on any issue. “But when you come here, where we live, and you tell me what to do, you need to learn to hear the negative answer and appreciate it”, Dodik added.

When it comes to NATO, Dodik has repeated that Republika Srpska would agree to the NATO Membership Action Plan and to join NATO when Serbia did, and reminded that the Alliance had bombed Serbs in the Republika Srpska and that will not be by Serbia.

Source: Srna


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