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Dodik: Proposed Law on the Constitutional Court of BiH – Good Basis


SNSD President Milorad Dodik thinks the bill on the Constitutional Court of BiH for the removal of foreign judges, submitted by the ruling coalition parties from the Republic of Srpska along with the HDZ, is a good basis for resolving the problem.

We believe that the bill is a good basis for discussion and I believe that it will be discussed – Dodik told reporters tonight in Doboj, where he participates in the panel “Responsibility for the Future” – organized by the Doboj SNSD.

Dodik, who is a Serb member of the BiH Presidency, said that the international community cannot be trusted in BiH, an OHR that has previously violated the Dayton Agreement, all with the aim of centralizing BiH, depriving it of vital interest and rights in the Republic of Srpska.

He added that this is continued by the Constitutional Court of BiH, which is a political and occupational court, which is trying to disassemble the Republic of Srpska.

Dodik said the red line had been crossed regarding the Constitutional Court of BiH and the international community.

– That is why we have adopted the measures that we have adopted and they will work. I believe that in the Republic of Srpska we have political unity, though we hear all kinds of stories in public discourse – Dodik said.

He says that there is nothing anti-Dayton in the acts of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska and that it is only required to establish an inter-entity line of demarcation, to have the Constitutional Court of BiH annul its decision and leave the parties therefrom.

– I will never exclude the possibility for the Republic of Srpska to determine its status in accordance with its rights. Of course, this is not the moment and the Republic of Srpska does not have any measures aimed at separation but wants cooperation – Dodik said.

The SNSD leader said that a series of public forums across Srpska is starting tonight in Doboj in order to share with the citizens about current issues.

He said that the debate was not an election campaign, but a topic imposed by the decisions of the Constitutional Court of BiH, that a connection should be established with the people and that the support of the citizens and their trust was very important to him.




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