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Dodik: Proud of the creation and existence of Srpska


Serb Presidency member Milorad Dodik said today that the citizens of the Republic of Srpska have many reasons to be proud of the creation and existence of Srpska, behind which is the most difficult period.

“We went through the most difficult time, war and post-war when we had to fight politically for a status that was significantly threatened. The desecration of the Republic has been halted and we intend to restore its constitutional positions as outlined in the Dayton Peace Agreement. This will determine all our political activities in the future. I believe we are around that, ” Dodik said.

After laying wreaths at the Monument to the fallen soldiers of the Republika Srpska Army in Banja Luka, he told reporters that the institutions of Srpska are stable today, as is its economy, and that the number of employees is the largest ever, and salaries have increased.

“It’s a good trend and a good direction,” Dodik said.

He warned that there are many who are disturbed by the Republic of Srpska.

“They are in an immediate environment and we must remain committed to the Republic on a daily basis. We who are in public functions as guards every day have to take into account the fact that many in the area do not want to see us. We exist for our sake, not to irritate others. We call on others for peace and co-operation, which should mark the time to come, ” said Dodik.

He wished the citizens to celebrate the Republic Day with dignity tomorrow.

“Srpska is our country which was created with the aspiration to be independent. The Dayton Peace Agreement has created a different framework and today we are in a political struggle for the status of Srpska.

Happy Republic of Srpska to all! ” said Dodik.




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