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Dodik: Return to the Original Dayton


BiH Presidency Member Milorad Dodik said today in Banja Luka that BiH can only live if it returns to the original Dayton Peace Agreement and the Constitution, otherwise it will be a country “at the will of international criminals like former High Representative Paddy Ashdown”.

Dodik emphasized that everything done by the High Representatives must be restored to the Constitution, otherwise BiH’s fate should be “taken care of by those who want it as it is”.

– All that the High Representatives have done in violation of the Dayton Peace Agreement will not be sustainable, which the international community must also be aware of. Let them do what they want, and we will do what we think they should. Everything done by high officials has to be restored to the constitutional framework – Dodik told reporters.

He reiterated that Ashdown had once come to BiH with the intention of lobbying the Muslim side and that it was good that documents about his dishonest actions were coming out.

– He was an abuser who abused international law. If there were justice and law, he would be liable for violations of international law as well as the rights of the people. This only confirms that we were right when we opposed him and that we demanded that his decisions should be reversed. This process must not stop, and we must come together about this, ”Dodik said.

He recalled that while staying in BiH, Ashdown bought a house from a Muslim general for KM 100,000, and when he left, he sold for KM 2 million.

“This is classic corruption and payment for Ashdown’s services in BiH,” Dodik said.




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