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Dodik: RS does not block European aid


The Republic of Srpska is not responsible for the fact that BiH failed to receive EUR 250 million of European aid for tackling the impacts of coronavirus outbreak, said Serb member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik.

“That money also belongs to the Republic of Srpska. However, if they believed everything should be centralized, then it is out of the question,” Dodik told the press.

He stresses that the Republic of Srpska does not accept the granting of aid through centralization, but points to the rules that should be respected.

“I believe that we will receive EU funds, while the Republic of Srpska must be visible in everything. It is a lie that BiH receives funds or a loan and returns them, because it is known that the entities return the money, so why someone has to negotiate on behalf of the Republic of Srpska,” said Dodik.




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