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Dodik: Scandalous and Shameful Video by Bihać Tourism Organization


Serb BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik has told Srna that a video filmed by the Bihać Tourism Organization in Garavice, a place of execution of Serbs, is scandalous and shameful and that it should not be aired.

“In WWII, Ustashe killed around 12,000 Serbs in Garavice and this fact is not unknown to the local Bihać authorities. It remains unclear who could come up with the idea to include such a place in a video by a tourism organization, and what kind of a message they want to send us with this act?” Dodik asked.

The Serb member of the BiH Presidency has said that we have been hearing for days from Bosniak political representatives in the Federation of BiH that it is inadmissible to hold a mass for armed forces of the NDH /Independent State of Croatia/ in Sarajevo, and on the other hand, a video is filmed in a place where the Ustashe massacred Serbs.

“I don’t know in which case they are sincere – when they are opposed to a mass for Ustashe or when they are filming a video in a place where those same Ustashe committed a massacre,” Dodik said.

The Bihać Tourism Organization filmed a music video in Garavice, a place of mass execution and a mass grave, a memorial area in the vicinity of the City of Bihać.

At the beginning of WWII, in 1941, Ustashe committed a mass massacre of the Serbian civilian population in Garavice where around 12,000 people, including a great number of children, were killed.

They were exclusively Serbs and a small number of Jews, residents of Bihać and surrounding villages.


Source: SRNA


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