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Dodik: SDS, PDP and NDP demonstrated utter disinterest in Srpska


 Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik said that the Republika Srpska opposition parties by their failure to attend a meeting of parliamentary parties once again showed that they do not care for Srpska at all, noting that despite this, Srpska has the capacity and strength to defend its position.
Dodik told a press conference in Banjaluka that by such behaviour, the SDS, PDP and the NDP are entering a sphere of irresponsible policies and continue to additionally undermine the potential and strength of Srpska, leading it to the worst position ever.

Dodik said that participants of today’s meeting wanted a dialogue, but that the opposition, which is in the government at the BiH level, demonstrated their utter disinterest in Srpska.

He said he was sorry that the dialogue had failed, and that participants of the meeting will not “close the doors” and “avoid their responsibility by being offended” with the aim of protecting the interests of Republika Srpska.

“Institutionally, Republika Srpska is functioning well. The Republika Srpska Cabinet, Parliament and political parties comprising a majority have the potential to give legitimacy to Republika Srpska and defend its strength, position and autonomy,” Dodik told reporters after a meeting with representatives of parties represented in the Republika Srpska Parliament.

He feels that that which is being done on behalf of Republika Srpska at the BiH level does not bring anything good to Srpska.

“The SDS, PDP and the NDP have not represented Republika Srpska in Sarajevo for a long time, but their own political programmes. Srpska is being represented only when the work of its representatives at the BiH level is being coordinated with its institutions – the Cabinet and Parliament,” Dodik said, noting that these two institutions are unavoidable places of agreement.

He feels that Republika Srpska through actions of the SDS, PDP and the NDP lost its representation in Sarajevo.

“We are losing a possibility to protect our interests since they are not doing it. This is the opinion of many in Srpska, but also of some members of the said political parties,” Dodik said.

He said that the objective was to harmonise important documents for next year.

“The BiH Budget for next year must be harmonised in Srpska’s institutions, as well as many politics that will be on the agenda. They should have answered our question as to what they thought when they supported an agreement between BiH and the Islamic Community, and should have explained to us certain elements of foreign policy by which they do not protect the interests of Srpska,” Dodik said.

The Republika Srpska President said that Srpska cannot achieve any of its vital interests at the BiH level, that it was left without its members in certain commissions and that it is becoming less equal in BiH.

“The attempted assassination of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has not been resolved, even though Republika Srpska police did everything that was necessary, which someone covered up. Despite everything, we have the intention to protect the interests of Srpska, and luckily for the people, we have all the capacities to do so,” Dodik said.

He stressed that the SDS, PDP and the NDP representatives at the BiH level were many times informed of the positions of Republika Srpska institutions.

“A practice must be introduced that every bill proposed at the BiH level must get approval from the Republika Srpska Parliament,” Dodik said.

The meeting with the Republika Srpska President in Banjaluka was attended by the leaders of the SP, DNS, the Serbian Radical Party and the PUP, Petar Djokic, Marko Pavic, Dragan Djurdjevic and Ilija Stevancevic, respectively, SNSD vice-president Nebojsa Radmanovic, and Nenad Stevandic, an MP of the Free Democratic Serbian Club.

The leaders of the parties comprising the Alliance for Change once again did not heed the call by the Republika Srpska President to attend a meeting, as they did not heed the call on October 9.

Source: SRNA
Photo: Glas Srpske


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