Home Politics Dodik sees “electoral engineering” as a real threat to Srpska

Dodik sees “electoral engineering” as a real threat to Srpska

"Energy that Republika Srpska needs has to be controlled by Republika Srpska in future, too. There will be no privatization there and it will stay within the public sector. Energy produced aside from it is on disposal for commercial services."

The President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik met with the Serbian Ambassador to B&H Stanimir Vukicevic to discuss activities aimed at regulating the law on residence in order to prevent “electoral engineering“ during the coming elections.

What Dodik and Vukicevic discussed is a legal solution to prevent Bosniaks from the FB&H from obtaining fictitious residency in Srpska and influencing the elections results, cited a press release from the president’s office.

Along with other current issues in Srpska and the region, Dodik and Vukicevic particularly focused on economic cooperation between RS and Serbia.

After his meeting with the president, Vukicevic met with Petar Djokic, the Minister of Labor and War Veterans. They discussed the issue of entitlements and protection rights in both Srpska and Serbia and exchanged documents to facilitate a resolution of pension and disability insurance cases.


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