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Dodik: Srpska Has Clearest Policy About Migrants – Deport Them


Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik says he is proud that Republika Srpska has the clearest policy on migrants, with the key position of deporting migrants to the countries they come from without hesitation.

“We believe that migrants are a problem created by the European Union that was promising them a refuge, after which it cut off communications regarding the arrival of migrants, which is why they can now only ‘park’ in BiH and allegedly wait to get across to the EU, being accommodated here, in BiH, until it happens”, said Dodik.

He reminded that the government of Republika Srpska rejected the earlier Council of Ministers’ decisions to establish three centres for accommodating migrants in the area of Srpska, in Zalužani near Banjaluka, Bijeljina and Trnovo.

Dodik mentioned that they said at the time that migrant centres would not be built anywhere in Republika Srpska and that Srpska did not want them to gather on its territory.

“We managed it successfully, with some minor incidents kept occurring all this time. Regardless of the offered assistance and funds by some European entities, we refused to form centres in Srpska,” said Dodik, addressing at a special session of the Republika Srpska National Assembly.

He added that the FBiH had decided to build migrant centres, and reiterated that Srpska was against their presence on its territory.

“We are against taking the army to the border with Serbia because it takes a number of repercussions. We believe that the activities of the Border Police, the Srpska police and other police forces in BiH should be strengthened, that there is a joint ability to react to that,” Dodik pointed out.

He stated that lately, most migrants in BiH, more than two thousand, came from Bangladesh, which has nothing to do with Syria.

“Deporting migrants without hesitation to the countries they come from is our key position,” Dodik concluded.


Source: SRNA


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