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Dodik: Srpska has no right to give up autonomy


Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik stated yesterday in Banjaluka that the Party of Democratic Action /SDA/’s programme declaration was a core programme of the Bosniak political elite because all Bosniak parties clearly or tacitly approved of the goals of unitarism.

“That’s why the SDA declaration is a continuation of Alija Izetbegović’s policy which led to the war in BiH. The document is an open and clear intention for all non-constitutional competences to survive, for further centralisation, annulment of the Dayton structure of BiH and abolition of Republika Srpska,” Dodik stated in his address during a special session of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska.

He pointed out it was clear that all constitutional amendments and additions done by laws had not formally or regally become a part of the BiH Constitution, so it was necessary to constitutionalise them subsequently, given that such a procedure, clearly defined by the Constitution, was never carried out in any case.

“There were many causes for this special session of the National Assembly, but over the past 12 months we have had a series of warning political events. One of the most alarming ones is the annulment of the will of voters in the elections a year ago,” Dodik stated.

He recalled that the formation of authorities at the BiH level after the October 7, 2018 elections was unnecessarily obstructed by the SDA leader Bakir Izetbegović and two members elected into the BiH Presidency by Bosniak votes, Željko Komšić and Šefik Džaferović, who sought the sending of the Annual National Programme for NATO /ANP/, which Srpska opposes on the basis of the Resolution on the Protection of Constitutional Structure and Proclamation of Military Neutrality, which was adopted by the National Assembly on October 18, 2017.

“The phantom ANP which no official body prepared was presented to members of the BiH Presidency without any prior preparatory verification or procedure by the line committee or the Council of Ministers,” Dodik recalled.

He says that conditions made by the SDA, Komšić’s Democratic Front and other Bosniak parties, with a clear agreement by the SDP and their other partners from the Federation of BiH, led to an almost total blockade of joint bodies at the BiH level.

“As regards the BiH Constitution, nothing has changed, so Republika Srpska adopted the Resolution on the Protection of Constitutional Structure and Proclamation of Military Neutrality in a constitutional, legitimate and legal manner,” Dodik recalled.

He underlined that a clear stance about NATO and the politics the bloc conducted during the Yugoslav wars, especially the bombing of Srpska in 1995 and Serbia in 1999, had to be produced.

Dodik stated Monday that Republika Srpska did not have the right to give up on its autonomy, statehood or independence which were confirmed by the Dayton Peace Accords.

“Today, after nearly 25 years since they were signed, Republika Srpska has the duty to maintain its rights from the international agreement,” Dodik said in his address during a special session of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska.

He pointed out that the National Assembly of Republika Srpska, the highest legislative body made up of legitimate representatives of the people living in Srpska, had everything that was needed to return within the framework of the genuine Dayton Agreement.

“Republika Srpska can achieve it by the new Constitution of Republika Srpska, in accordance with the BiH Constitution, copying the provision from Article 3.1 of the BiH Constitution. The second paragraph of the same article already exists in the Srpska constitution – Article 3 /Amendment 56/,” Dodik explained .

He pointed out that these times would be remembered by what was achieved, not by “what kind of pressures and blackmails we were subjected to to give up our rights”.

“Had we surrendered in numerous situations in the post-war years or had we not chosen the right path, the statehood of Republika Srpska would have been annulled,” Dodik said.

He noted that the views and moves that Srpska had made were adapted to the times and power it had back then.

“We have come to see the time when international law and what was written in the Dayton Agreement is gaining significance again. That’s why we now openly and responsibly discuss the violation of the Dayton Agreement and consequences that threaten to render Republika Srpska meaningless,” Dodik said.

He notes that the times passed when high representatives fulfilled the requests of only one side in BiH and that Srpska’s views are clear and well-known, and those are – the promotion of peace, respect of democracy through election will, pride and love for Republika Srpska, accomplishment of its sovereignty and autonomy confirmed by the Dayton Agreement and BiH Constitution as the right to freedom.

Dodik believes that the present-day anti-Dayton BiH is on an irreversible path of disintegration by the will and acts of Bosniak structures helped by a part of the international community, mostly its diplomatic representatives working in Sarajevo.

Source: srna


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