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Dodik: Srpska Is a Synonym for Freedom of the Serbian People


Serb Presidency member Milorad Dodik said today in Banja Luka that Srpska is free, democratic, parliamentary, Christian and synonymous with the freedom of the Serbian people, and that it is a dream that has been dreamed for several hundred years.

“A lot of love is woven into the Republic of Srpska and that is why it is magnificent,” Dodik said in a statement at a solemn academy on January 9th – Republic of Srpska Day.

He recalled that the Republic of Srpska was formed before the war on January 9, 1992, and before that in October 1991, the Assembly of the Serbian People in BiH was established.

“We had to make a declaration in Pale in 1992 on the formation of our Republic because they did not give it to us in Sarajevo,” Dodik added, reiterating that the Republic of Srpska is stable and strong today.

He stressed that the Republic of  Srpska will not suffer the inquisition of the Constitutional Court of BiH.

The Republic of Srpska was established on January 9, 1992, under the original name of the Serbian Republic of BiH.

It was founded by Serb MPs in the then BiH Parliament, after being overridden by key issues relating to the survival of Yugoslavia and by secession by members of the other two nations out of the will of Serbs who had a constituent status.




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