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Dodik: Srpska is learning from the Crimea referendum

"Energy that Republika Srpska needs has to be controlled by Republika Srpska in future, too. There will be no privatization there and it will stay within the public sector. Energy produced aside from it is on disposal for commercial services."

Srpska is very carefully monitoring all situations in the world pertaining to referendums in order to apply the best foreign experiences when the time is right, said the President of Srpska, Milorad Dodik.

Srpska congratulates Crimea on a legitimate referendum and is monitoring all such situations, including in the Italian Province of Veneto, Scotland and Catalonia, stated Dodik.

In a meeting with Vucic, he added that while respecting the Crimea referendum he understand Serbia’s position which was subjected to dramatically unfair international policy in the case of Kosovo and Metohija.

Regarding Serbia’s position on the Ukraine, Vucic said that Serbia has always been and still is for respect of international norms and territorial integrity, but that those who disregarded its territorial integrity should not lecture it.

Vucic said that Serbia still has no official position on the crisis in the Ukraine. According to him, Serbia is on the road to European integration and has its obligations, but it will not have a hostile position towards Russia.

Vucic said he understands Dodik’s position, which is supported by a majority of Serbs, but added that Serbia does not have to share this position.


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