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Dodik: Srpska Is on Its Way out of BiH and There Is No Turning Back


Serbi Presidency member Milorad Dodik said today that the

– We will do this and we will not be stopped by the US or anyone else because we believe that the Dayton Agreement was broken, first of all, by the intervention of an international factor – Dodik told reporters in East Sarajevo.

He stated that time would show how the serious Republic of Srpska is in that regard, stating that Srpska has a choice between two things, one of which is to allow it to quietly disappear and be destroyed through a “lethal” package made by the international community and Bosniak page in Sarajevo.

– In the first phase, this was realized through the High Representative and the imposition of a ruling, and now they are doing so through the Constitutional Court, wanting to protect it with the story of the rule of law. If it was a rule of law, three foreigners and embassies would not decide here – Dodik said.

He added that it was another matter for “Republic of Srpska to do what it has to do”.

– I want everyone in the Republic of Srpska to know – a wall has come up, and we now have to decide whether to accept that these false US and Western embassy flaps keep us in the story of some principles and essentially undermine our rights, or the Republic of Srpska has done what it has to do – Dodik said.

Dodik stressed that neither he nor anyone else has the right to neglect the fact that 29,000 people were killed for the Republic of Srpska and the freedom of its citizens.

– That must be a vow that the Republic of Srpska will survive, – Dodik said.

He reiterated that Srpska cannot trust in BiH.

– BiH is a bad place and a place of freedom for Serbs and Srpska. If there is no agreement for foreigners to leave the Constitutional Court and to put it into the office like all other countries, then there is no BiH. Keep that in mind, ” Dodik emphasized.

The Republic of Srpska has embarked on a path to exit BiH, from which there is no return.





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