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Dodik: Srpska ready for constructive agreement


Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has said that Srpska significantly contributes when it comes to European integrations, through responsible politics and within the constitutional position, and thus it is ready for a constructive agreement within the judiciary.

Dodik has stressed that Srpska believes that the judiciary at the BiH level is currently not in accordance with the Constitution, which requires serious talks to bring it within the framework of the rule of law and legal state.

He has explained that it is impossible to have a legal state with courts without constitutional basis.

“We believe that the talks in which the EU participates, which stood behind the previous reforms in the judiciary, will result in generally acceptable solutions harmonized with the basic act of the country,” Dodik has said.

At the opening ceremony of the new building of the Basic Court Banjaluka and the completion of the reconstruction and extension of the Banjaluka District Court building, Dodik has said that Srpska is committed to strengthening the rule of law and supporting independent judiciary.

“Republika Srpska does not exert any political or other influence on such institutions, but seeks the responsibility of employees in terms of efficiency. This is not limited to the number of solved cases, but also to help in developing good laws, which will be consistent and applicable”, added Dodik.

He has congratulated on successful implementation of a project, which was realized with the help of the EU and the Government of Srpska, and thanked the Head of the EU Delegation to BiH, Lars Gunnar Wigemark, for financial support.

“We believe that Republika Srpska justifies such EU engagements and resources and will continue to work together on European integration related issues and on what is important, or we consider it important for Srpska,” Dodik said.

Noting that better conditions will contribute to the better results of these institutions, the president of Srpska wished employees a successful job, saying that courts must be efficient and just to achieve a common-sense role that implies that the courts are a place of justice and law. 




Source: srna


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