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Dodik: Srpska – synonym for statehood and freedom


BiH Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik has said that Republika Srpska was always a synonym for statehood and freedom and an example of the primal aspirations of the free civilization people who wanted to have their own country.

“Republika Srpska, as an expression of the love of this people, proved it survived in almost impossible conditions and strengthened in the belief that it should survive all the challenges,” Dodik told reporters after laying wreaths at the monument to the fallen soldiers of the Republika Srpska Army at the Banjaluka cemetery “St Pantelija “on the occasion of marking January 9 – the Republika Srpska Day.

According to him, regardless of the war turbulences and international community’s pressures, Srpska has remained firm, contrary to the global process of the abolition of states and nations that turned out to be meaningless.

“The process was re-launched in Europe, and the illusion of multiethnic societies was fatal for any society that had multi-ethnic character, so is here. There should be no illusions. Our only state here is Republika Srpska,” Dodik has said.

Recalling that the high representative’s intentions from the beginning were aimed at destroying and taking Republika Srpska’s rights away, Dodik has stressed that Srpska will not give its single right and will return every single one guaranteed by the Constitution and international agreement, not only because of killed soldiers, but also for the living people.

“Today, more than ever, we must be aware that our rights have to be returned. The Constitution of BiH clearly states that BiH has only the competences explicitly given to it, while everything else is questionable, including the decisions imposed by the high representative. Serb representatives in the joint institutions of BiH will bear it in mind and take it back. I am only interested in strengthening of Republika Srpska,” added Dodik.

Answering the journalists’ question whether the challenging of January 9 as the Day of Republika Srpska has stopped, Dodik has said that the existence of Republika Srpska has been challenged from the very beginning in the second part of BiH.

“We have to accept certain realities. As we are enduring the existence of BiH here, so will they have to get used to us. BiH is not the happiest place for us, but we are aware of the international agreement, the obligations we have, the Dayton Peace Agreement and the Constitution,” said Dodik.

He has said that the Serb people do not want anything else in BiH than to restore the constitutional position to Republika Srpska, and then BiH will not be disputable either.

“Every other BiH is controversial. Such BiH imposed by the high representative through his interventions into the political and constitutional system is controversial. The imposed decision by either high representative or the BiH Parliament without a constitutional procedure cannot be justified. No decision except the army-related one had a constitutional procedure, everything else was forcibly taken away and imposed. This was an experiment that, unfortunately, does not work for anyone,” Dodik has noted.

According to him, BiH has been showing all this time it is an unsuccessful society that can hardly survive without international interventionism, but its cessation should be expected.

He, referring to the BiH Constitution, recalled that armed forces or agencies of one entity cannot cross into another entity without the consent of that entity.

“Republika Srpska has a legitimate right to the competences guaranteed by the Constitution of BiH and we will create one entire process to accomplish this. Republika Srpska wants nothing but peace,” Dodik has said.




Source: srna


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