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Dodik: Srpska will continue to fight for strengthening relations with Serbia as well as its autonomy


The President of Republika Srpska clarified that peaceful disaffiliation is a reaction to an action, namely, a response to an adventure and chaos initiated by the West with the aim of preventing every dialogue between domestic, legally and legitimately elected officials in BiH… No matter how much they threaten, blackmail, sanction, foreigners cannot and will not change the awareness of people who know that everything America and its ambassador are doing is not good for either Serbs, Bosniaks.

Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik said in an interview with SRNA that that the goals of Srpska and Serbia have been clearly defined in the Declaration on the Protection of National and Political Rights and the Common Future of the Serbian People, and emphasized that everything agreed upon at the Pan-Serbian Assembly held on June 8 in Belgrade has been implemented.

“Our joint actions aim to make decisions that will protect our people, not to work against others as some impassioned individuals claim. This is part of our national program that ensures equal rights for everyone but does not allow Serbs to be demonized, making us an unreliable partner and opening the door to abolishing Srpska and taking away our rights. Within the rights guaranteed to us by the Dayton Agreement, Republika Srpska will continue to fight for strengthening our relations with Serbia, as well as strengthening our autonomy,” Dodik emphasized.


When asked to comment on a letter German tourist Christian Schmidt sent to the Speaker of the Republika Srpska National Assembly, Nenad Stevandić, as reported by the media, in which Schmidt expressed his opinion that the Declaration contains “several problematic conclusions that are directly contrary to the Dayton Agreement,” the President of Srpska said that the individual falsely presenting himself as the High Representative, even though he is not, has only one issue with the Declaration and the Pan-Serbian Assembly. That issue is that Srpska and Serbia clearly and unequivocally say that Christian Schmidt is not the High Representative.

“He is staying illegally in BiH under pressure from a part of the West that supports him. He has caused chaos and crisis in BiH from which no one can find a way out. The decision of part of the West to embark on such an adventure has led to a situation where peaceful disaffiliation becomes the only option. We are ready to talk and work with everyone in BiH, without foreign interference, and try to do something on the European path, but as long as the Americans involve Schmidt in this matter, it will not be possible. BiH’s European path is only possible without Schmidt and Michael Murphy,” Dodik concluded.

The President of Srpska clarified that peaceful disaffiliation is a reaction to an action, namely, a response to the adventure and chaos initiated by the West, aimed solely at preventing any dialogue between domestic, legally and legitimately elected officials in BiH.

Officials of Srpska, Dodik pointed out, are always open and ready to engage in dialogue with partners at the level of BiH, while fully respecting the letter of the Dayton Peace Agreement. However, Murphy and Schmidt persistently obstruct this, as they prefer crisis and chaos over dialogue, aiming to dismantle the Dayton Agreement and create a unitary BiH with absolute dominance of the Bosniak people, reducing Serbs and Croats, constituent peoples of BiH, to the status of national minorities, which, of course, will never be realized.


Regarding Murphy’s statement that, after the challenges with the reconstruction of BiH following the signing of the Dayton Agreement, the focus of the US-BiH partnership was on building institutions crucial for BiH’s continued functioning such as the Prosecutor’s Office, Court, Armed Forces of BiH… Dodik emphasized in an interview with SRNA that the Prosecutor’s Office and the Court of BiH do not exist and are unconstitutional institutions imposed and controlled by Americans, as Murphy himself said.

“People working there execute American orders, having nothing to do with law and justice. American Ambassador Murphy has contributed the most to the dissolution of the Dayton BiH. Republika Srpska has done everything to preserve Dayton’s constitutional, independent BiH, while they forcibly tried to impose something we will never accept, supporting Bosniaks in developing their idea of a unitary movement, which is anti-Dayton and unconstitutional,” Dodik emphasized.

No matter how much they threaten, blackmail, sanction, President Dodik said, they cannot and will not change the awareness of people who know that everything America and its ambassador are doing is not good for either Serbs, Bosniaks, or Croats.

According to him, this serves only American interests, and their interest in BiH revolves around the property they want to control.

“Messages from Europe consistently urge domestic leaders to reach agreements without interference from others, yet it is only America that insists on Schmidt and his impositions, which are illegitimate, illegal, and undermine the entire legal system in BiH. Which free country can support undermining the position of the Parliamentary Assembly, elevating one individual above the law and Constitution?! And then that arrogant Murphy comes along, lecturing us on sovereignty and telling us how democracy should look for other peoples,” Dodik said.

He added that there will be no democracy in BiH as desired by Murphy, where some unnamed foreigner forcibly imposes decisions instead of laws being made in parliament.


When asked to comment on a visit by the Bosniak member of the BiH Presidency to Italy, which has provoked numerous negative reactions, including in federal media, particularly due to his initiative addressed to the Italian parliament to support the decision made 32 years ago to adopt a resolution on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of BiH, Dodik said that Bećirović is an arrogant and self-absorbed person who acts as if he knows everything, though there is no evidence to support this claim.

“With his latest initiative, he has shown that he himself is aware that BiH is not a sovereign country and that there is a growing need for the natural, peaceful disafilliation of Republika Srpska and the Federation, which is increasingly relevant and accepted in the world as well. The reality we live in is that many friendly countries are questioning how and in which direction BiH should go because the Bosniaks have unilaterally departed from the Dayton framework. They may not say this publicly to him, but the questions they pose to us are exactly that,” the Republika Srpska President said.

He instructed Bećirović to ask Željko Komšić what Borut Pahor said and asked in the BiH Presidency when he was the President of Slovenia.

“Srpska and the Federation cannot go together as long as one of the two Bosniak members of the Presidency, in violation of the procedures prescribed by law and the Constitution of BiH, expresses personal views and causes harm to everyone. It cannot move forward as long as Bosniaks choose on behalf of other constituent nations members of the Presidency, similar and desirable to them, who do not have the support of their own people, as is the case with Komšić,” added Dodik.

He pointed out that the only common point and goal in which the interests of Republika Srpska and the Federation meet is the European path, but, as he says, the Bosniaks managed to show a lack of consistency and determination to complete what the EU expects from BiH, and that is the departure of foreign judges and the OHR and independent decision-making by democratically elected representatives of the institutions.

“Regarding Bećirović and this initiative of his, I have to agree only with the claim that BiH is not sovereign, but not in the way he falsely claims, but because of the Bosniak policy of subservience to the West. International interventionism is the cause of all problems in BiH and generator of all crises,” Dodik stated.

He pointed out that the Bosniaks are encouraged by the support of part of the West and are doing what they are doing, arbitrarily stepping out from what is the official position of the institutions and destroying what the Dayton BiH should represent.

“The result of all this is peaceful disaffiliation, as the only possible thing left for us so that we can all go our own way of progress, because we cannot do it together, and Bećirović shows that every day. You cannot build a unitary project with fraud and lies. Bećirović must understand that BiH has the Constitution and that he is responsible for performing his duties in accordance with the Constitution, and not with what the reis tells him,” said Dodik.

When asked if he believes that the BiH budget will be adopted considering the situation in the Presidency and the House of Peoples, Dodik said that how and in what way BiH will function depends exclusively on Bosniaks.

“They blocked the House of Peoples and made it impossible to make any decisions, refusing to resolve the issue of the Constitutional Court of BiH. Because of all this, BiH is in a state of complete legal chaos. Decisions are made by the German and Bosniaks, and we are served interpretations that have nothing to do with the law, which are arbitrary and outside the Constitution. None of those decisions have any significance because they were not made in accordance with the Constitution, laws and prescribed procedures,” said President Dodik.

He concluded that the amended rules, written by the Americans, lead everyone to a situation where BiH cannot move on.

“All responsibility rests with the Bosniaks who will show whether they want BiH to function or they will continue to do what the Americans ask of them, and that can only bring us back to the beginning, where all the common paths of Srpska and the Federation diverge. We from Srpska are not working and we will not work on orders of foreigners, but as stipulated by the Dayton Peace Agreement and the Constitution, which is an integral part of it. Anything else is not possible, just as no other BiH is possible except the Dayton one,” said Dodik.


When asked to comment on Mladen Ivanić’s statement that involving the Investment and Development Bank /IDB/ of Republika Srpska in serious matters is not a smart move and that there were certainly less risky options, and that, as he says, Milorad Dodik is dragging Srpska into risk, unnecessarily, Dodik said that Ivanić’s perception of the president’s duty and the responsibility that political representatives have towards the people who elected them is limited only to his interests.

“For him, it is a position where he should sit back and approve everything to foreigners even when all sorts of resolutions are passed that label the Serbian people as genocidal. Republika Srpska that he envisions would be strictly obedient and subservient, left at a mercy of the Bosniaks and part of the West,” Dodik pointed out.

He emphasized that everything Ivanić says is related to his personal convenience and his interests, but not to what the Serbian people want.

“He is the one who will explain to us what is smart and what is not, while his smartness still gives us a headache because he gave the Bosniaks everything they asked for – the Republika Srpska Army, the Court and the Prosecutor’s Office, indirect taxes, the intelligence service, which he boasted of in Zenica at the Political Academy of the SDA,” emphasized the President of Srpska.

For Ivanić, said Dodik, the defense of Serbian national interests is an unknown concept, and ingratiating himself with foreigners has always been nearer and dearer to him.

“Explaining something to such an arrogant person who thinks he is above everyone, even above his own people, and expecting him to understand is redundant and crazy. He is exactly where he is, respected among those who work against his people, and that explains everything.” Dodik pointed out.

Speaking about the statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Radoslaw Sikorski, that every American administration tries to reset relations with Russia, but it usually ends the same way, because, he says, Russia does something so outrageous that it is not possible, and that a potential war in the Balkans should be dealt with by European countries, and the US should be freed up for more important duties in the world, Dodik said that the Polish minister has much more important things to deal with than some alleged war in the Balkans that he obviously desires, openly propagating foreign interventionism.

“His narrative about the potential for war in the Balkans is insane, much like his advocacy of foreign interventionism by the US or some European countries,” said Dodik.

Also, his narrative about Russia always doing, as he says, something outrageous that affects relations with America, says Dodik, has no basis, and that he would like to hear from Sikorski what, in his opinion, Russia is doing insanely.

“Should it sit idly by and wait for NATO to come to its border or to calmly watch as half the world arms Ukraine? This is another classic example of double standards advocated by both the US and some European politicians. Of course, they are bothered by Russia and its President Vladimir Putin because he is defending the Russian people and his country. I don’t see what is so ‘outrageous’, as Sikorski says,” said Dodik.

The President of Srpska feels that Poland should remain neutral in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and not fuel tensions with its constant interference. “He who wants peace, progress and cooperation does not mention war, nor does he interfere in the internal affairs of other countries,” Dodik said in an interview with SRNA.


Photo: The Srpska Times

Source: srna.rs


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