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Dodik: Srpska will not access NATO, despite pressures


“If anyone in the Balkans has been doing and spreading malignant influence, then these are Western countries and their intelligence services, not Russia. Many of the bad things that have been happening here in the past and after were related precisely to this malignant influence of anti-Serbian politics, primarily the British, who are persistently trying to curb the influence of Serbs, as the majority of the people in the Balkans. And all these charges against Moscow are in the function of Serbia and  Republika Srpska entering NATO”, BiH Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik told.

Dodik said that Srpska’s position on NATO membership will not change despite the pressures and emphasizes that the Serbs will not get anything by accessing the military alliance.

“The Serbs would have nothing to get into NATO, it would definitely be the site of the destruction of our national corps and national idea. Well, that very same NATO dropped bombs on us just twenty years ago, and now we should be delighted to accept joining them” Dodik said.

Asked about the blocking and the formation of the Council of Ministers in BiH, Dodik said that these conditions are not rational, and that he is aware that this issue will not disappear.

“I repeat, Srpska has no reason to support the path to NATO, because we would lose independence and sovereignty and the possibility to build friendships with other countries,” Dodik said.

Commenting on the pressure that Republika Srpska and Serbia give up on military neutrality, Dodik points out that the pressure will be getting stronger, but that’s all in vain.

“The British have approved six million pounds to fight the “malignant influence”of Russia, and the Americans are also using some of their funds to do the same. In Sarajevo, Podgorica and Tirana there are intelligence centers that the West has installed, they made a list of 300 people from Serbia and Republika Srpska, which allegedly spread this Russian malignant influence, and thus put targets on all these people, “Dodik said.




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