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Dodik: Successful visit to Vienna


September 21 – Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has assessed today’s visit to Vienna as highly successful, and stressed that it was agreed to raise in the Austrian Parliament the issue of the role of two Austrian-born high representatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina and their violation of international rights and the Dayton Accords.
“These are (former and current) High Representatives, Wolfgang Petritsch and Valentin Inzko. It will be the first time to raise such issue in one of the European parliaments, and I think this is important. It will result in new practices. We will try to do the same in other European parliaments and, undoubtedly, in the European Parliament itself, “Dodik told the reporters in Vienna at a reception organised in his honor.

He stressed that he is satisfied with the outcomes of today’s visit and called on the Serbs who are entitled to vote and decide in Vienna and Austria, to support the Freedom Party of Austria, which president is Heinz-Christian Strache, whose policy is fair to the Serbs.

“I came here to support Mr. Strache during the elections for the Vienna Assembly,because he does not hesitate to support the Serbs and Republika Srpska in exercising our rights, to eliminate the presence of the international representative.” Dodik said.

He stated that his meeting with Norbert Hofer, one of three members of the National Council that presides the Austrian Parliament, which took place on Monday morning, was highly important.

“We had a chance to discuss all relevant issues. Afterwards, Mr. Strache fully supported and expressed his understanding for Republika Srpska. Undoubtedly, the full understanding between Republika Srpska and the people here in the parliament was expressed,” said the Srpska president.

Dodik has stated that he met the president of the Vienna Provincial Parliament, which is one of the greatest.

“Tonight, we have a chance to talk with him about some issues in which he was interested, such as the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He understands what Republika Srpska is and what it can and should be doing,” said Dodik.

Dodik stated that a dozen ambassadors of different countries – from France, Spain, Lithuania, Russia, Serbia and some from the region, attended the reception organised in Vienna in his honor.

“This is certainly good because the reception organised by Hofer in honor of my arrival in such a manner, is noticed by the diplomatic corps, which is undoubtedly of great significance here in Austria,” stated Dodik.

According to Dodik, Republika Srpska and Austria will certainly contribute to greater understanding through such visit.

Source: SRNA


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