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Dodik: The Existence of BiH Depends on the Existence of the Entities


The Serb member of the Presidency of BiH, Milorad Dodik, told Srna that the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights are part of the constitutional structure of BiH because they are an integral part of the Constitution of BiH.

– It is these documents that guarantee the right of the people to self-determination so that every story is about the fact that the Constitution and the Dayton Peace Agreement do not give the people the right to decide where and how they want to live. they are fine – said Dodik when asked to comment on the statement of political scientist Bodo Weber that the statement of the Serb member of the Presidency of BiH on the disintegration of BiH is “his old replacement thesis” and that “he uses the dysfunctionality of BiH as an argument for its abolition”.

Asked to comment on the position of the US Embassy in BiH that neither the Dayton Agreement nor the BiH Constitution provides an opportunity for any entity to secede and that the existence of any of the two entities depends entirely on the existence of BiH, Dodik said that it was high time hold the press service of the American Embassy in Sarajevo, stop capturing it and create public attitudes of the Embassy.

– We know that the American Embassy will deny this, but both we and they know that this is true – said Dodik.

The Serb member of the Presidency of BiH emphasized that the existence of BiH depends on the existence of the entities because both entities were formed before the conference in Dayton, where both were pushed into what we call BiH today.

He emphasized that this is confirmed by the fact that the Republic of Srpska, just like the FBiH, is a signatory to all annexes to the Dayton Peace Agreement.

How something that was just created by the agreement could have signed that agreement, said Dodik, is a question for everyone who has been claiming in recent days and years what is older here.

– Instead of empty stories that boil down to being dissatisfied with the situation brought to us by international brokers in the execution of the Dayton Peace Agreement, I persistently suggest a conversation and an agreement – either we will return to the original Dayton Peace Agreement or we will see how to we are splitting up peacefully – said Dodik.

He stressed that this is not a threat to conflicts and that he is not a man who advocates a policy of conflict.

– I am a man of the policy of clean bills, because only in that way will we create a framework for our peoples to live peacefully next to each other if they cannot live with each other. I think that we have wasted many years in vain, lying to each other and the whole world that this kind of BiH can survive. I call on paid analysts, who live by fueling lies about the conflicts in BiH, to either shut up or make a constructive contribution to the political situation in BiH – the Serb member of the Presidency of BiH concluded.




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