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Dodik: The Intelligence – Security Agency of Bih Must Be Everyone’s Agency or It Won’t Be


The Serb member of the Presidency of BiH, Milorad Dodik, said that the Intelligence – Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina is out of public control and said that it cannot be an intelligence agency of only one nation but of all or it will not be.

– As things stand, it will be very questionable whether it will be – Dodik pointed out.

He said that he did not know that the director of the Intelligence and Security Agency, Osman Mehmedagić, was questioned today in the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH in two cases and that he was not following these things, but some other work, but he pointed out that there was a lot of abuse from his position.

Dodik said that it was obvious that the Agency was out of public and parliamentary control, that they had tried to bribe and bribe everything that could decide on their status, and that only the SNSD had said that it was wrong and that it could not be an intelligence organization. people, one political party, and one man than the intelligence agency of all, or it will not be.

He added that some who work illegally must answer in accordance with the law, emphasizing that he does not want to talk about it because there are people in charge of that.

The director of the Agency, Osman Mehmedagić, gave a statement in the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH during a one-hour interrogation today, but after the hearing, he did not want to comment to the journalists.

Mehmedagić was questioned by the Prosecutor’s Office regarding the validity of his university degree, and as part of the second investigation regarding the findings of the recent exclusion of video surveillance footage from the “BH Post” office in Sarajevo. In addition to him, another employee from this agency was questioned.

The University of Business Studies in Banja Luka annulled Mehmedagić’s diploma in mid-November last year after the Republic Education Inspectorate determined that it had been acquired illegally.

At the request of the Joint Commission of the BiH Parliament for the Supervision of the Work of the Intelligence and Security Agency for Mehmedagić to submit his diploma, he submitted two, but they were marked with a secret that can only be removed by the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

On July 1, Mehmedagić submitted a diploma from the Higher Administrative School, which he completed before the war, and a diploma from the American University in Sarajevo, which he completed during the period when he was the head of the Agency.




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