Home Politics Dodik – There will be no Dayton II

Dodik – There will be no Dayton II


There will be no “Dayton II,” nor can it be organized in the existing constellation of international relations, said Milorad Dodik, president of Republika Srpska.

The main problem is that what was specified in the Dayton Peace Agreement has never been implemented and what was written down has started to crumble, said Dodik, adding that the blame rests on the international community which tried to create an illusion of B&H, which is constantly falling apart.

His belief is that protests have been coordinated and that the foreign community supports them which is supported by the request to institute a new constitutional system.

The Srpska president says the Dayton Peace Agreement as an international treaty must be implemented and not freely interpreted and that Republika Srpska has sufficient competences to defend its constitutional position.


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