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Dodik: There won’t be a new labour law


Srpska will carefully consider all of the requirements made by the IMF, but it won’t impose a new labour law as requested by this institution, said the President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik.

He added that the labour law, as proposed by the IMF, involves a series of unacceptable propositions and that it won’t be adopted.

This type of labour law humiliates workers and makes them feel vulnerable, said Dodik, adding that the IMF can’t impose law, but that the process of adopting a new law, if it occurs, will be a matter of compromise and consensus between the unions and employers.

He said that major economic reforms in B&H were conducted under the pressure of international factors, such as privatization which produced problems in society dis-empowering workers and throwing them onto the streets.

The IMF is rigorous institution with painstaking rules, said Dodik.


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