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Dodik: This is not sultanate nor will it ever be!


The statement by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he “will never abandon Bosnia and Herzegovina which Alija Izetbegovic left me as inheritance” is unacceptable, a danger to peace and stability in BiH and reveals all of Turkey’s Neo-Ottoman aspirations in the Balkans, says the President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik.

“Perhaps Erdogan is a descendant of Sultan Fatih like he says he is, but this area is not a sultanate nor will it ever be. Not as long as the Serbs are in charge and they are and will be. The only thing Erdogan can keep in BiH is the property of Izetbegovices as that is the only thing both the father and son Izetbegovic could have left him as an inheritance,” the Srpska president said in response to Srna’s question to comment on Erdogan’s statement that he would never abandon BiH, that it was an “inheritance” Alija Izetbegovic left him on his deathbed.

Dodik said Erdogan had forgotten that two out of the three constituent peoples in BiH remembered the Turkish rule by the blood spilt by the Christian population who learnt about Islam upon their arrival in the most brutal way.

“But the third people, whose representatives now call on Erdogan to take care of them, are not the descendants of Sultan Fatih. Before the Ottoman raids, they had been Christians too, and this is a fact that does not need much proving,” recalled Dodik.

He pointed out: “Taking away children in baskets and ‘tribute in male children’ is no civil achievement but a proof of a bloody invasion and residence of Turks in these parts, which still lives on in our historic memory more than 100 years later.”

“That’s why Erdogan should take care of his own sultanate and we here know how to take care of our own state Republika Srpska,” said the president.

At a recent meeting of the International Civilisations Forum in Istanbul, Erdogan said Alija Izetbegovic had told him before he died that Erdogans were descendants of Sultan Fatih and that he was leaving him Bosnia and Herzegovina as an “inheritance”.

“How can we now leave Mostar? How can we abandon the Drina? How can we now leave the Sultan Fatih Mosque there /in Sarajevo/? We will never abandon those things. All those monuments are the crown of our civilisation,” said Erdogan. 




Source: srna



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