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Dodik: Through the Council of Ministers, practices in Srpska and FBiH will be harmonized


Serb BiH Presidency Member Milorad Dodik said in Sarajevo today that a unilateral decision by the authorities in the Federation of BiH to quarantine has also caused the Council of Ministers to face problems at how to act at border crossings, which the BiH Presidency previously called for to be closed.

Dodik stated that the BiH Presidency had given a deadline of 24 hours for the Council of Ministers, together with other competent institutions and bodies, to find a way to resolve the issue.

– The unilateral behavior of the Federation of BiH is not good, and I have seen that there is no agreement between the other two members of the BiH Presidency to condemn such behavior – Dodik told reporters after the Presidency session and the meeting with the Quintana ambassadors.

He stressed that efforts will be made through the Council of Ministers to bring about harmonization of practices in both entities.

– The Republic of Srpska will remain in the position on quarantine because we believe that 1st May is a very challenging date for the possible spread of the coronavirus and that this measure by the federal authorities is expeditious, one-sided and not good – emphasized a Serb member of the BiH Presidency.

He confirmed that the BiH Presidency members also met with the ambassadors of the Quinta countries.

According to him, the forthcoming EU-Western Balkans Summit in Zagreb was also discussed at the BiH Presidency.

– The key issue was to initiate measures on 14 points from the EU Opinion. We have decided that an ad hoc group consisting of all three members of the BiH Presidency, members of the Collegium of the Council of Ministers and both colleagues of the House of Representatives and the House of Peoples in the BiH Parliamentary Assembly should be formed. This group should hold a meeting in five days to find answers to these EU questions – Dodik explained.

He added that, after that, the Council of Ministers should propose and adopt an action plan.

Dodik said it was proposed that the Council of Ministers, in accordance with the coordination mechanism, bring together all those involved in the mechanism on European issues and consider measures on a possible action plan, which should be adopted within about 30 of the day.

The BiH Presidency today accepted the Ministry of Defense’s report to the Council of Ministers on the conduct of the Armed Forces during the Coronavirus epidemic.




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