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Dodik to The Guardian: Recycled story poses risks to stability in BiH


Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has sent a letter to editor-in-chief of the Guardian newspapers, Katharine Sophie Viner, denying that Srpska officials in any way support or tolerate paramilitary units within the borders of Republika Srpska, and warned that this is about recycled stories detrimental to stability in BiH.

“An article entitled “Trained Mercenaries from Russia Support Bosnian Serb Separatists” published in the Guardian on January 12 caused significant irritations in Republika Srpska and BiH. We are concerned about the fact that such newspapers as the famous Guardian quoted a newspaper site from Sarajevo, without seriously checking the fact or requesting comments from the Republika Srpska administration.

The recycled story poses a risk to the stability and security of BiH, a post-war country that is still in the process of overcoming its recent past,” Dodik has said in a letter.

He has said that “it is worth mentioning that the BiH Minister of Security and a member of the opposition in Republika Srpska, Dragan Mektic, neither presents evidence nor proves the positions expressed in the article with evidence”.

“The Republika Srpska Interior Ministry will act decisively in case it receives evidence of paramilitary forces operating in the territory of Republika Srpska. We are concerned that such articles potentially divert the focus away from the basic security problems that BiH faces and which, in our perspective, the Sarajevo security services do not address adequately,” Dodik has stressed.
He has cited in a letter to the Guardian that it is about the presence of jihadists in BiH, an increasing number of militants of the terrorist organisation “Islamic State” returning to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Syria and other war zones in the Middle East, and illicit money flows that potentially jeopardize stability and the security of Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the broader region.
Dodik has invited the editor-in-chief of the Guardian to visit Banjaluka, the president’s cabinet has announced. 
Source: srna


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