Home News Dodik travels to Sochi to meet Putin on Sunday

Dodik travels to Sochi to meet Putin on Sunday


Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has announced that he is travelling to Sochi on Sunday, September 30, to meet with Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Dodik has said he is not a “Russian man,” as he is often criticized, but “a Serb man”.

“I am a Serb man, I belong to the Serb people, I work for the sake of the Serb people, and wherever I am, it will be the only thing I will do,” Dodik told the Prva TV.

The president of Srpska has noted that the cooperation with Russia and its officials is good, without a single problem and any political pressure.

“We have never been asked to do anything we believe it is unnecessary. It is the support – not having such kind of pressure. The Russians behaved in BiH by saying – we support the Constitution and the Dayton Accords. We want it, too,” Dodik has stressed. 


Source: srna



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