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Dodik: Tuzla celebrating murder of innocent young soldiers, what kind of BiH do we live in!?


Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik said that on May 15, 1992, without any provocation, a terrible war crime was committed against young members of the JNA /Yugoslav People’s Army/, which was undoubtedly well-planned and orchestrated, marking the beginning of the exodus of around 80,000 Serbs from the Tuzla region.

“On that day in 1992, kids, young boys aged 19, 20 who were serving their military service in the former JNA, were killed while peacefully attempting to return home. Members of Muslim paramilitary formations, those `green berets` and `patriotic leagues` of theirs, repeated the crime that had occurred just two weeks earlier in Sarajevo’s Dobrovoljačka Street, where, similarly, a convoy of young soldiers was ambushed,” the Republika Srpska President said.

On the occasion of commemorating the 32nd anniversary of the crime against innocent members of the JNA in Tuzla, Dodik told SRNA that the monstrosity of the masterminds and perpetrators of this heinous and cowardly crime is evident in the fact that there was a live broadcast on a local television station, the footage of which still can be viewed.

He mentioned that the mothers of the young soldiers had the opportunity to directly witness the suffering of their sons, which is morbid.

“What is even more abhorrent, Muslims `celebrate` this day and the crime against innocent soldiers who were serving their regular military service as the so-called `Tuzla Defense Day.` Yes, they are celebrating today the murder of a young generation; they were kids, young men, and this was the beginning of ethnic cleansing of Serbs from the Tuzla region, where today they make up only 1.6% of the population,” emphasized Dodik.

He questioned the kind of society we live in and what kind of BiH they talk about when one nation celebrates the day when more than 70 young men were killed while peacefully heading home in a convoy. He added that this is a moral question for all those who have the audacity to celebrate “Liberation Day” in Tuzla today.

“Liberated from whom? From Serbs, whom they expelled, part of whom they killed, and seized their homes, apartments, and everything they built together in Tuzla until 1992 and the beginning of the civil war?! And today, as they celebrate the day of killing and the beginning of ethnic cleansing, they talk to us about some coexistence and BiH as a state. BiH does not even qualify as a state, but is just a yoke around all our necks,” Dodik concluded.

The President of Srpska reminded that there is no punishment for this crime either because, according to the established practice, Serbs in BiH are not victims, nor are they casualties, and the wounds of Serbian mothers are not considered wounds.

“We are supposed to forget the killing of a Serbian wedding guest at Baščaršija, and Dobrovoljačka, and `Tuzla convoy,` and Sijekovac, and Brod, and Kupres, and the crimes in Podrinje, and wherever else Serbs were victims, but the perpetrators of these crimes, along with their sponsors, want to label us as a genocidal nation, and expect us to accept it peacefully!? What’s next – to abolish Republika Srpska, confiscate our property, hand us all over to the jaws of Sarajevo’s judiciary, and expect us to just nod and bow our heads!?”

“Much to their regret, we will never allow that. The scenario written by the most established Serbian haters – the fake /high representative/ Christian Schmidt and Michael Murphy, advocates for an Islamic Bosnia – will not unfold. Even in the face of greater trials and tribulations, Serbs have never bowed their heads, and we won’t today. Republika Srpska is unquestionable and eternal, and as long as there is a single Serb, Serb victim, their sacrifices will not and must not be forgotten. The truth is on our side, and the facts and arguments are irrefutable,” Dodik emphasized.

On May 15, 1992, paramilitary Muslim formations attacked a convoy of JNA soldiers who were peacefully withdrawing from the Tuzla barracks.

In this attack, which was broadcast live on a local television station, 54 soldiers were killed, 78 were wounded, and 44 were captured, with five of them later killed, while the others were subjected to abuse and torture.

The convoy of the JNA, consisting of 600 soldiers and their officers, along with 200 motor vehicles, was attacked by members of the MuslimMinistry of Internal Affairs, Territorial Defense, and “Green Berets.”

From 1992 to 1995, 1,265 Serbs were killed in the Tuzla region, while around 80,000 were expelled from their homes.


Source: srna.rs


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