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Dodik: Until the issue of Serbs is resolved, the situation will not stabilize


The Serb member of the Presidency of BiH, Milorad Dodik, pointed out that Montenegro will not stabilize until the issue of Serbs in that country is resolved in a democratic way – from the right to language to all other rights that belong to one nation.

– The denial of the Serbian identity in Montenegro is the denial of Montenegro itself. The kidnapping of the temples of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the arrest of church dignitaries is certainly not a way to legitimize Montenegro as a democratic state – Dodik emphasized.

He assessed that the government in Montenegro should stop scaring its citizens that someone has something against Montenegrin statehood.

– I mean sowing fear of Serbia. Everyone with good intentions can see that Serbia is more than correct, no matter how unnecessary and harmful decisions Podgorica makes – Dodik said for Srpskainfo.

The Serbian member of the Presidency of BiH emphasized that the events in Montenegro are being closely monitored in the Republic of Srpska, especially since the disputed Law on Freedom of Religion was adopted, but he does not think that Montenegro’s internal problems can affect issues in Srpska and BiH.




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