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Dodik: We Do Not Want to Join NATO, No Amendments to Constitution Without Srpska’s Consent


Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik said Tuesday Republika Srpska did not want to join NATO, nor would it give a consent for it, while any kind of amending the BiH Constitution requires an agreement between two entities – Srpska and the Federation of BiH.

Regarding the statement given by American ambassador to BiH, Eric Nelson, that the Dayton Agreement and the Constitution of BiH should be reformed, because the citizens want to be part of the transatlantic alliance, Dodik says these are not new initiatives.

“If we do not give our consent for BiH to join NATO, it will not go in that direction, that is clear,” Dodik told the press in Stanari.

When it comes to amending the BiH Constitution, Dodik says the American ambassador’s initiative in that direction is good as he realizes where the problems in BiH are, which, as he says, has been living illegally since the Dayton Agreement.

“And in a way because the high representative, that mass criminal, has been taking away competencies from Srpska transferring them to the level of BiH, even though it has no right to those competencies,” said Dodik.

He has reminded that this is how the Peace Dayton Agreement was violated, i.e. by giving BiH the competencies that are not in accordance with the Constitution, in the sectors of finance, defence, judiciary, intelligence, security and the like.

Dodik points out that the initiative amending the BiH Constitution is being welcomed in the Federation of BiH, which believes that the transfer of competencies will be “covered” by certain constitutional changes.

He points out that the Butmir or Prud processes proven it unsuccessfu, so it will neither work now.

“We are not running away from the talks about these constitutional changes, as we have various ideas of that type … If we know that there was an option earlier in Washington, within the Clinton’s term, that if Bosniaks or Muslims failed to convince Serbs to stay in BiH , why would anyone stick to that”, said Dodik.

Bearing in mind that international conventions established the right of peoples to self-determination until secession and that it was said these conventions were above the BiH Constitution, Dodik says, we believe that the institute giving the right to a referendum to determine people’s status should be introduced.

“That will be one of our demands to be included in the Constitution,” Dodik said.

He points out that the Dayton Peace Agreement cannot be above international conventions or the UN charter in that regard.

“So, we are not unprepared for that kind of negotiations. The matter should be resumed to respecting the original Dayton; let us first respect the Constitution and then we will reach agreements. We will not legalize anything that you have taken away from us against our will via pressures, embezzlements and fabrications made by the high representatives. Let them get that out of their heads,” said Dodik.

He points out that the United States is important, but that constitutional changes cannot be made without Srpska’s consent, or by imposition, which did not do before.

“I believe that Ambassador Nelson thought that the matter of amending the Constitution is up to us, not him, and that he would not interfere in it. The Dayton Peace Agreement resolved everything and stated – if they want it to change, the parties in BiH can do it, which are Srpska and the Federation of BiH “, said Dodik.

He emphasizes that in that regard, BiH is not a foreign, but a joint structure derived from two entities that are the primary factors.

“So, if you want to change the Constitution, an agreement and a contract between the two entities is required before it, so only then should it go to the parliament … The interpretations that a two-thirds majority in the parliament is required in that regard are incorrect,” said Dodik.


Source: SRNA


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