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Dodik: We have never called for war


Serb Presidency Member Milorad Dodik said the BiH Constitutional Court 15 years ago set out to challenge everything related to the Republic of Srpska

– They started with the most important, which touches the emotion, mentality, dedication, which is the abolition of the anthem, the coat of arms, the flag and to finish with these symbolic things – he stated.

He pointed out that the property was now in order.

– I am glad that all political factors in Srpska, both the government and the opposition, have realized that this is a difficult political moment – Dodik emphasized.

He also commented on the latest statements by SDA President Bakir Izetbegović.

– Izetbegović comes out and says “Fight with all means, weapons and war if necessary”. We never called for war. How does Izetbegović create war? Where are his units, paramilitaries? People need not fear, these are empty political stories. You will not find anywhere that I said I was calling for war, ” Dodik said.

He stated that the process of degradation of the Republic of Srpska by the international community is still present today.

– If BiH does not return to the basic agreement of the three peoples, it will be difficult to live – said Dodik.

He says if anyone called for respect for the Dayton principles, then it was him.

Commenting on the allegations that European officials are considering imposing sanctions on him, Dodik stressed that he did not believe in this scenario.




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