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Dodik: We Should Push and Try to Reach EU Candidate Status in May


Serb Presidency member Milorad Dodik believes BiH should receive EU candidate status at the same time as Northern Macedonia and Albania.

“Bearing in mind that the EU has refused Albania and Northern Macedonia to give them candidate status, we should now push and try to reach that status in May or at the same time,” Dodik said.

Dodik last night told “O Channel” and “Oslobođenje” that concurrent candidate status with Albania and Northern Macedonia would bring a completely different dynamic, emphasizing that BiH needs to show its ability.

A Serb member of the BiH Presidency recalled that a meeting was held yesterday with the ambassadors of EU member states not attended by the British ambassador, as the UK left the Union on January 31st.

“It is still a confusing situation because for the first time someone is leaving the EU. It is a serious country whose economy is bigger than the ten others left in the EU,” Dodik said.

Talking about the criteria for membership in the Union, Dodik estimated that 15 member states would not be able to pass them in a year.

He pointed out that BiH, as a country that joins the EU in the end, received the most rigorous criteria.

Dodik believes that the 14 conditions of the European Commission’s Opinion should be divided into those that can be fulfilled and that those that are not enforceable at this time should be left in condition for the next two to three years, but for BiH to become a candidate.

A BiH Presidency member from the Republic of Srpska stressed that he had made such a proposal to EU ambassadors during the meeting.

Regarding the problem with the nuclear waste landfill at the border between BiH and Croatia, Dodik recalled that a decision was made at the time when he was chairman of the BiH Presidency, asking Croatia to abandon it.

“It is known that the level of communication between BiH and Croatia has been reduced, given their dissatisfaction with the election of Željko Komšić as a Croatian member of the Presidency. They regarded it as a hoax for Croats and saw a silent obstruction and although they always said they wanted all the best for BiH. there were never meetings, “Dodik said.

He noted that representatives from the Republic of Srpska have been meeting with competent ministers and other people in Zagreb and that he has different approaches, but it is obvious that Croatia does not yet offer an alternative.

“It will not go so easily, regardless of the fact that Croatia thinks that it is its sovereign right and that it can. There must be a reciprocal way of responding. Dodik.

He explained that part of the waste of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant belonging to Slovenia will be disposed of by the Slovenes, while some of that waste will be transported by Croatia to its own area.

“Certainly it is a dangerous thing that most threatens the population of the eye of the Una River, which is considered one of the beauties of rivers in the Balkans,” Dodik added.




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