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Dodik: We will write new, truthful Srebrenica report in two months


Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has said that we will start writing a new, truthful report on crimes in Srebrenica in two months.

“At its first next session, the Republika Srpska Government should set a 60-day deadline for the formation of an international commission which would write a new report on Srebrenica, and it will immediately seek a way to secure funds to finance the most distinguished world experts who would take part in writing the truthful report on crimes in Srebrenica,” Dodik told Tanjug. 

Saying that the Republika Srpska Parliament has rejected the report on the events in and around Srebrenica in the period July 10-19, 1995, Dodik has explained that the motive for this is an “attempted ‘cold’ persecution of another 21,000 Serbs” who are on the list, which is not objective at all and which the Mothers of Srebrenica Association sent to the German state prosecutor. 

“We should certainly respect the pain of these women,” Dodik has said, adding that the “pain of white kerchiefs” has been favored in BiH, while no one respects the pain of “black, Serbian kerchiefs.” 

He has said that that period was full of sufferings of Serbs in that area, but that not a single event was recorded in the report because the international factors, headed by /former high representative/ Paddy Ashdown, did not allow it. 

When it comes to the 2004 Report, there were objections to this report even before, so that the list with the names of 21,000 Serbs, whom the Mothers of Srebrenica Association accuse of crimes in Srebrenica, is just a motive for withdrawing the report but not the real reason. 

The reason is, says Dodik, the untruthfulness of the report that was adopted 14 years ago. 

“I considered it my obligation to do so, since this is another attack on Republika Srpska and 21,000 people. In short, we do not protect anyone who committed a crime, but we cannot allow 21,000 people to be dragged in courts and prove their innocence there,” Dodik has explained. 

He says that the report is now null and void, that both the ruling and opposition parties voted that it is unacceptable and full of untruths. 

Regarding comments by those who link the withdrawing of the report with collecting political points before the elections, Dodik says that the very fact that the decision was supported by the opposition cannot be a political trick, as the departing US Ambassador to BiH says. 

“This is not a trick. We withdrew a false report, but we did not say that we will not write a new report in which we will register every Bosniak who was killed and try to describe circumstances under which he was killed, and the truth is that of 3,500 to 4,000 persons buried in Potocari, 50% are soldiers and that it is turned into a military cemetery, and not a cemetery of civilian victims, as they portray it,” Dodik has said. 

He says that there is evidence that 59 people who are still alive are registered as killed, and that there are names of those who were killed in 1991, 1992, 1993… 

“We do not have a problem with saying ‘yes, they were killed by Serbs, but in 1992, and not on July 11.’ All we want is to say the truth,” Dodik has said. 

Asked if he expects new pressure by the IC against him, or sanctions like those imposed by the US, Dodik has asked “what sanctions?” 

“Does someone think that I live worse because someone banned me from entering the US? Is there any damage for Republika Srpska? No, there is not. They don’t love me, well, I don’t love them either, so what,” said the Republika Srpska President.




Source: srna


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