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Dodik: What do foreigners want?

SNSD je održao predizborni skup u Novom Gradu. (ZIPAPHOTO/Borislav Zdrinja)

Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has said that the Serbs should not wait for various power brokers to whip up another swill, but that they should once again look for a solution to the Serbian national question in the Balkans and start with two Serbian states – Serbia and Republika Srpska.

“If someone fell asleep 30 years ago and woke up now, they would think they have slept for only one day. All sneaky anti-Serb operations were created in Washington, Brussels and Berlin. Serbs are still bad guys, criminals, ultra-nationalists, Martians. They didn’t get tired of calling names, disqualifying, sanctioning us,” said Dodik in a piece he wrote for the “Dodik.net” internet portal.

Dodik said that for them Republika Srpska is the problem of all problems, even when it behaves constitutionally, in keeping with the Dayton Accords and when it functions, and especially if it has its own stance.

He reminded that Republika Srpska was established on January 9 in order to protect the Serbian people and to be an independent state, which was the only realistic thing in the process of the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia.

He added that Republika Srpska accepted the Dayton Peace Agreement in Dayton in 1995, gave up part of its sovereignty and independence, although it was functioning as an independent state for three years by then, albeit partially internationally recognized as a party to peace negotiations.

Dodik pointed out that Republika Srpska was indispensable as a factor in the peace process, and neither Washington, nor London, nor Berlin, nor Moscow, nor Brussels could erase that fact.

“That is why Republika Srpska is a signatory to all 11 annexes to the Dayton package, and especially Annex 4 to the Constitution of BiH which was signed by the imaginary, Alija’s, non-existent, Muslim/Croatian BiH, and later the Federation of BiH and Republika Srpska. All this was not enough for them, to put it mildly, to respect Republika Srpska and its constitutional and contractual rights,” noted Dodik.

All the time, he says, the western centers of power are attacking the status and rights of Republika Srpska, exert unbearable pressure, bluff, lie, all with the aim of disappearing the fact called Republika Srpska, which they themselves, as guarantors of the Dayton Agreement, recognized and accepted.

“Today, they are worse and angry because of the fact that we are still here,” Dodik said.

He pointed out that the pressure on the Serbs in the region and on Serbia, as the largest country in the Balkans, has not stopped for the past thirty years.

“Even the biggest Eurofanatics have to admit that conditioning and pressure on Serbia have not stopped since 1990, and whatever Serbia did was not enough and was not according to Western standards. And the standards were changed from case to case,” Dodik said.

He reminded that it was completely “normal” for Kosovo to declare unconstitutionally and with one decision that it is independent from Serbia and for the western “democratic world” to recognize this as a fact, but Republika Srpska, which from 1992 to 1995 was both de facto and de jure an independent state, had to and must remain in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Thus, in just a few hundred kilometers, we got two unsustainable standards, and a part of the international community that pushes the policy of double standards in two cases, and in both cases the actors are Serbs, is aware of this,” Dodik pointed out.

The Republika Srpska president pointed out that the Serbs, as the biggest victims of the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia, are still under the scrutiny of the so-called international community as a renegade Balkan tribe that needs to be tamed.

If they do not behave as the Western quasi-democrats expect, Dodik says that all the blame is directed at Belgrade, so Belgrade is guilty of protecting its territorial integrity, which all normal countries of the world do, it is guilty of not “disciplining” the Serbs in Republika Srpska, Montenegro and Kosovo and Metohija.

“Every country helps its people, no matter where they live, only Serbia has to punish its people who are right next to its borders. Belgrade is to blame no matter how things turn out, because someone has determined the culprit, only the guilt changes from occasion to occasion,” Dodik says.

He assessed that today they are time and again offering bad offers, with which they are threatening, recalling that the so-called German model with two states is offered to Serbia as a solution for Kosovo.

“How is it possible that you are proposing two German states in the territory of sovereign Serbia? Does anyone think this is possible? Well, didn’t East and West Germany eventually unite and become one state? Is that the goal? What do you propose?” Dodik asked.

Dodik noted that the Russians allowed the transition of East Germany and withdrew their army from there, while the Americans remained with the army only to build their own bases in the territory of the former East Germany.

“It’s complicated, but there is one question: If you mean well for the Serbs, why didn’t you offer the model of two states and one nation to Serbia and Republika Srpska? You wouldn’t have to promote this as a punishment, as in the case of the division of Germany, but as a verification of the factual situation. And we would have easily united, we would not have waited for almost 50 years,” explained Dodik.

He pointed out that the so-called German model for the problem of the southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija is just another trick in the game of the arrogant who think they are allowed everything.

“Another question arises as to why the issue of the southern Serbian province is sui generis and the issue of Republika Srpska is the issue of the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Dodik asked.

According to him, we may not be “big” enough to ask these questions, but we are responsible to our ancestors and descendants, so we ask and persistently seek answers.

“We, the Serbs, do not need to wait for various power brokers to whip up another swill for us, but to once again look for a solution to the Serbian national question in the Balkans, following the example of how, earlier, the German people solved that question. We can start with two Serbian states – Serbia and Republika Srpska. There is no place for Kosovo and Metohija as another German state. If they would only offer a unique resolution process for Republika Srpska and Kosovo and Metohija. But no. They know everything! But we are still in charge,” concluded Dodik.


Source: dodik.net



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