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Đoković is not going to Montenegro – Adria Tour canceled!


The organizing committee of the regional sports event decided on Saturday not to hold the tournament in Montenegro.

Despite the desire and efforts for the biggest tennis stars in the region to gather in Montenegro on June 27 and 28, that will not be the case.

The director of Adria Tour, Đorđe Đoković, spoke out about this situation.

“For a couple of weeks now, we were trying hard to find a way to organize everything and prepare a spectacle for all sports fans. We faced numerous challenges, starting from the fact that the citizens of Serbia are not on the list of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro and therefore we cannot travel to Montenegro. We hoped that this measure would be relaxed, but it has not happened yet. It is an insurmountable obstacle, because the number of members of our team is large, and without them, we are not able to implement all the technical details flawlessly. Our idea was to play on slag that would be imported and placed in an attractive location in one of the coastal cities only for that occasion, as well as to bring and install all the accompanying details – stands, constructions and other elements, all because of the strict standards we follow.

In addition to all that, it was necessary to organize the arrival of judges, line judges, accompanying staff, and numerous experts. Also, you should know that there are many other details related to the organization of such an event, which we do not have available in Montenegro, and that makes it difficult to organize the “Adria Tour” at the expected level. That is simply not possible now, and that is why we decided to make the decision to cancel the tournament in this country, because we no longer have time to wait.

We are convinced that the circumstances will change and that in some future period, Montenegro will be our host. We ask all actors to refrain from involving politics into this decision because it harms not only sports but also our idea to promote positive values such as fair play, humanitarian work and unity in the entire region”, Đorđe Đoković, Director of Adria Tour concluded.


Source: b92


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