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Draft of Solidarity Fund

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The aim of the draft Law on the Solidarity Fund for diagnostics of diseases and treatment of children abroad is to enable diagnostics of diseases and treatment of sick children from Republika Srpska in health institutions abroad.

Speaking of this law, which has been sponsored by Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik, the secretary general of the Republika Srpska president, Sinisa Karan, has said that the law pertains to children, Republika Srpska citizens insured by the Health Insurance Fund, who cannot get adequate health services in health institutions in Srpska and in health institutions with which the Health Insurance Fund has signed agreements. 

He has explained that the Fund’s Managing Board will monitor the spending of the Fund’s money which will be collected from special solidarity contribution of 0.25% of net salaries of employees in Republika Srpska, a special contribution that will be paid by municipalities and cities and donations by organisations, companies and individuals and the like.

Karan has said that this law will regulate the establishing, the status, activity and organisation of the Fund, sources and way of funding, distribution of money and the monitoring of operations of the Fund.

“The Fund’s seat will be in Banjaluka and its operations will be public. These children need our solidarity and Republika Srpska citizens have demonstrated solidarity for all these years,” Karan has said.

He has said that a great number of humanitarian fundraisers have been organised with the aim of providing aid to sick children, and that 11 humanitarian phone numbers for aid to these children are active at the moment.

Karan has said that “To Brave Hearts with Love” fundraiser, under the auspices of the Republika Srpska President, which has so far raised more than KM five million, is among the best projects in Srpska and the region.

“Despite a great number of these fundraisers, problems have not been solved,” Karan has said and noted that this is why it is necessary to establish this Fund.


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