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Đuro Đaković’s house destroyed in windfall


In Slavonski Brod, the birthplace of Đuro Đaković, one of the most prominent fighters of the working class of Yugoslavia, was destroyed in windfall.
This is a troubled house that was located in Brodski Varoš near Slavonski Brod.

President of the Association of Historians in Slavonia, Baranja and Srem Ilija Maoduš says that Đakovic is a historical figure regardless of the different interpretations of the past and the political statement from certain parties, and that it is sad that his house so ended.

“This is the result of the unhandled policy and irresponsibility of the governing structures, and the leadership of the company that has its name,” Maodush told Vecernji List.

Historian Petar Bašić believes that Đuro Đaković should be seen primarily as a representative of trade unionism, not communism, because it is about the person who in the past launched the first strikes.

“He was a rebel and complained that if the workers were supposed to work an hour longer, but that was actually a union activity at the time, because then there were no organized trade unions,” Bašić said.

He points out that the demolition of the house is the result of the total city’s neglect, the Tourist Board and the companies themselves, who allowed the destruction of a facility that could be restored for a small amount of money.

“We could have put this house into operation and make money on the arrival of thousands of tourists, and we could bring schoolchildren to learn about the basics of the struggle for labor rights. It’s sad that nobody recognized it,” Basic said.

Small Slavonian house from the tree should have been restored to the appearance it had until the nineties, and the financing should include all companies that have Đaković’s name, Slavonski Brod, Brod-Posavina County and the Ministry of Culture, but everything else only on promises.



Source: Srna


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