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East Sarajevo: Day of Mourning for the Death of Dr. Lazić


In the area of East Sarajevo, today is a day of mourning over the death of Dr. Miodrag Lazić, a war surgeon who saved the lives of a large number of soldiers and civilians from the area of what was then Ser Sarajevo and the Sarajevo-Romanija region.

On the Day of Mourning, the flags will be lowered to half the spear on the City Administration building and the city hall buildings, the mayor of East Sarajevo announced.

Media companies in the area of ​​East Sarajevo are obliged to adapt their program content to the Day of Mourning, the statement said.

The Municipality of East Sarajevo last night fulfilled the last wish of the famous Serbian surgeon, playing the song “March on the Drina”. At his request, people of Niš accompanied their fellow citizens to the “March on the Drina”.

The Union of Doctors and Pharmacists of Serbia invited all colleagues in Serbia to pay tribute to the famous surgeon Lazić at 10 am with a minute of silence.

Doctor Lazić, who saved lives in the Serb Republic of Krajina and the Republic of Srpska during the 1990s wars, died from the coronavirus infection.




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