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Economic Cooperation of BiH with Spain to be further strengthened


Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, Mirko Sarovic, met with the newly appointed Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain to BiH, José María Valdemoro Giménez. They discussed further strengthening of our economic cooperation with Spain, especially from the aspect of foreign trade and increase of investments.

“The amount of trade exchange with Spain is 170 million EUR, while trade exchange with Italy, for example, amounts to about 1 billion EUR. This clearly shows that economic cooperation with Spain can and should be increased. It is especially important to take some steps to increase the inflow of Spanish capital,” stated Minister Sarovic, and noted that companies from Spain, such as Zara, are present in BiH but not sufficiently.

Therefore, they agreed to consider taking concrete steps with the aim of strengthening the economic cooperation of the aforementioned two countries in the upcoming period, and they expressed particular interest for investments in the sector of energy.

The economy of Spain is mostly oriented towards large projects but it is turning to smaller markets and smaller projects, and we can definitely see a chance for BiH there,” said the Ambassador of Spain.

Giménez praised the efforts that Minister Sarovic invested in regard to the membership in the World Trade Organization, and he added that this will further strengthen the bilateral trade cooperation between the two countries and open new ways for important investments.


Source: sarajevotimes


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