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Economic crisis shuts down 59, 000 jobs


Since the global economic crisis officially began in 2008, the number of employees in B&H has been decreased by about 59,000.

According to information from the Agency for Statistics of B&H, in January there were about 692,000 employed citizens, while six years ago this number was 751,000.

Union leaders believe that these figures, which prove the number of available jobs in B&H is decreasing, point to the negative effects of the crisis that has shaken the whole world.

B&H is on the top of the European list of unemployment, however it isn’t the governments job to solve this, it is up to the employers, said the President of the Association of Independent Trade Unions of B&H, Bajramovic. He added that Governments are there to create conditions for employment, while the employers are there to offer jobs.

Furthermore and according to statistics, in January 557,300 people actively sought work, while six years ago this figure was 516, 700 people.

In the same period 50 million people in the world lost their jobs, while Greece underwent a massive set back and 59% of young people lost their jobs.


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