Home Economy “Economic Forum BiH 2019” started today in Sarajevo

“Economic Forum BiH 2019” started today in Sarajevo


Economic Forum BiH 2019 started today in Sarajevo, aimed at improving the business environment in the country.

The Forum will include three panels dedicated to competitiveness, economic cooperation with Austria, and the improvement of BiH’s business environment.

Economic Forum of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2019, organized by School of Economics and Business of University of Sarajevo, aims to create partnership network of business, political and academic leaders to define and discuss how to resolve the key economical issues that Bosnia and Herzegovina is facing.

BiH Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik said that the economy of BiH is not in a great, nor a decent situation, but that it has the potential for investing, which has prompted domestic and foreign investors to do so.

Economic Forum of Bosnia and Herzegovina is organized 3rd year in a row and contributes to the development of stronger links between different stakeholders that share a common business interest in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which ultimately should result in the creation of concrete proposals and guidelines for the creation of future economic policies.

By organizing the Forum, School of Economics and Business of University of Sarajevo would like to give a contribution to the community, and for this reason Forum will be open to all interested parties without the participation fee, but only upon previous registration.

Head of the EU Delegation to BiH Lars-Gunar Wigemark said today that 2019 is the key year for BiH – economically stable and without an electoral cycle, and that it should be used for socio-economic reforms and a faster path to European integration.






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