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Economic Reform Program: Aim to Improve Agricultural Competitiveness


Improving the competitiveness of agriculture, forestry and water management is one of the goals defined in the strategic development plans in these three sectors, as it is highlighted in the Economic Reform Program 2020-2022.

‘’The priorities for the next three-year period are informatization of the sector with the aim of more efficient channeling of funds, raising the level of investment within the sector by providing additional sources of financing, improving the foreign trade balance by introducing measures to protect domestic production and improving the export capacity of the sector’’, stated the document adopted by the National Assembly of Srpska in December.

Aligning the legal and regulatory frameworks and strategic programs with those of the EU, and the common agricultural policy is one way of improving competitiveness.

The document emphasised that the goal is also to develop a new information system in forestry and to establish a system for identifying land lots.

The aim is also to carry out the process of identification of animals by improving the control system of their movement, and improving foreign trade and protection of domestic agriculture.

The economic reform program also envisages the adoption of new incentive and agriculture laws, as well as a new strategic framework for agriculture and rural development by 2025.




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