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Economic Zone New Trebinje is an Opportunity for Elite Tourism Development


The new economic zone of the city of Trebinje offers investors an opportunity to invest and realize significant projects.

In the new economic zones, which are the basis of a new vision for the urban development of the city, Trebinje is offering investors around 887 hectares of land dedicated for building-business buildings, development of the service and industrial sectors, and touristic content.

The city administration said for Akta.ba that one of the more interesting investments is the economic zone “Novo Trebinje” which represents a wider urban zone of Trebinje with excellent transport connections and dedicated to the development of elite tourism.

“The economic zone New Trebinje covers around 460 hectares of land dedicated to new investments. This land, due to its location, can be used for the construction of contents dedicated to elite tourism. A casino of about 70 hectares, buildings and touristic content of about 360 hectares are planned. What is probably most interesting is that this area is a good base for construction of a modern golf terrain of around 30 hectares,” the city administration said.

A zoning plan for the economic zone New Trebinje is in an attractive area between the highways for Dubrovnik and Mostar and is mainly on city land.

Development of the economic zone “New Trebinje” is sure to lead to an expansion of the city, new investment and creation of new jobs in the area.

There’s interestedness for investment in this, but it’s too early to talk about project ideas and realization thereof, they say from the city administration.




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